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Terms & Conditions


Welcome and thank you for visiting our webstore trading as Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd (ACN 647 675 492). This webstore is owned and operated by Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd and to the best of our ability and understanding, we operate, are governed and abide by Australian consumer laws. These Terms and Conditions are set forth below for the terms and conditions under which you may have usage to our webstore and the products and services as offered by Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd. This webstore displays and invites visitors to purchase Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd essential oil et alia products and packaging. By accessing and continuing to view and use the webstore of our service/s, you approve that you have read, understood and accept to be absolutely bound by these Terms and Conditions governed by these non-exclusive laws of Australia henceforth. Upon reading of same, if you do not agree to these terms and conditions we request that you proceed no further on this webstore.


With maximum extent permitted by law, Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd makes no representation or guarantee that this webstore will be free from corruption, cyber or other attack or loss, destruction, damage, any viruses, interference/hacking, security intrusion or the like and we do not claim any liability relating to such.


Should Aromatherapy Dispensary be prevented or delayed in delivering our obligations to you due to any unforeseen cause beyond our reasonable and realistic control such as (and not limited to) flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, shortage of materials, accident, death, act of nature or the universe, terrorist attack or act, riot, war, civil disturbance, epidemic, pandemic, endemic, outbreak, strike, industrial action or dispute, government order, act or inaction, military, police or civil order, act or inaction, third party act or omission, illness, failure from you to supply us with the correct delivery address or updated notification of any change of address, we will not be responsible to provide compensation and you will have no legal claim against Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd, the director/s or employees at any given time. Should the effects of any such interruption (but not limited to) or force majeure event/s occur for more than the period of six (6) weeks Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd may have within its rights and at its discretion, be able to cancel any unfulfilled order in writing to you and refund such payment of goods you have purchased but not received.


Our products are carefully and lovingly handmade and hence take time to prepare and package. Our products are unique, meaning they are individual and whilst they may take time to be prepared to the same recipe, but because of this, there may be some variance in each blend or product produced. This is part of the exclusivity of our handmade service and something Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd is proud of. We love making our products by hand and we aim to the best of our ability, to have your orders processed and sent out to you within seven working days and thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while we create your item/s.


All orders are subject to availability of ingredients and we will notify you if there is a shortage of supply and are unable to create the product.


The terms of use applicable to Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd products will apply in respect of any order placed through this webstore. It will be your responsibility to pay any costs of your internet connection to view our webstore. We reserve the right to accept an order or decline an order for any reason, including but not limited to stock being unavailable or if your order exceeds purchasing limits. Should prolonged webstore inactivity cause your connection to our webstore to timeout or fail, your selection of goods may have disappeared, therefore you will be required to re-enter your selections.


Prices shown on webstore are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and can be made via credit card on the Stripe payment processing platform. All steps required to make purchases are outlined on this webstore.


Aromatherapy Dispensary does not offer a change of mind refund on our products and services. If somehow you receive something you did not order, then please enjoy it with our blessing. Should an order be received by you that is damaged and cannot be used please advise us via email to within 24 hours with accompanying photographs of damaged item and original order number to enable us to rectify as soon as possibly practical, if not sooner. If an order placed does not arrive please advise Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd to enable us to contact the delivery carrier to confirm their failure to deliver your purchase so that we may issue replacement product to the same value.


If you have an enquiry or find there is a problem with our product contact can be made via written notification email to and returned, unused in its original packaging to PO Box 11211 Frankston VIC 3199 Australia. Replacement product will occur when we have received the returned goods from you. Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for returned goods being lost in transit; delivery charges will not be reimbursed when sent via another carrier foreign to our usual delivery method.


We are continually a work in progress and are updating our webstore for your benefit, to bring you more products to enjoy as we continue to evolve. We reserve the right to change and make any corrections to any information on our products, labelling, packaging and webstore at any time, without prior warning. We will not be held responsible or liable for any inaccuracy or omission in relation to any detail provided on this webstore. We are human therefore may sometimes make an oversight, but endeavour to deliver our best possible product and service each and every time to you, our valued customer.


Information current as of 2022.

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