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Tranquillity aromatherapy blend with organic + 100% pure essential oils


"A very masterful curation of exemplary products with a planet-friendly focus. The attention to detail is second to none and the quality of the oils and room mist is equally unbeatable. Everything about these products screams quality and class. I have no hesitation in recommending Aromatherapy Dispensary. Be warned however, if you are buying as gifts you may be tempted to keep them for yourself!"

 Hollie C, Lyndhurst Australia

"Excellent product for scenting and relaxing."

 Mariarosaria M, Terracina Italy

"Absolutely exquisite!!

I researched and was impressed by the quality and great reviews. 

Beautifully presented and packed. Beautiful blends!

The Citrus Vitality I must say is very fresh and uplifting.

The notes in the Mindfulness room spray are really lovely.

What a relaxing blend Tranquillity is.
What amazed me is how the aroma scents last for a long time in the air.
The real deal compared to others."

 Zora D, Footscray Australia


"The products from Aromatherapy Dispensary are just fantastic! The high quality oil blend Love Interest is wonderful, so soothing and luxuriously aromatic. I love using them for massage to help me and my husband relax. The packaging is also so beautiful - so much thought put into it to make it environmentally friendly too! I highly recommend it."

 Naomy W, Elwood Australia


"I happily and loudly give 5 stars to the products I received as a gift for my 50th. The Tranquillity oil is my favourite and also of my 24 year old son. I have to keep it hidden or he uses it and does not return it. We both find this blend so calming but in a gentle, embracing way that allows you to stop, focus on the fragrance of the oil and breathe more easily. I simply breathe from the bottle sometimes and that is enough! The Mindfulness Room Spray has been so effective for my husband who is a workaholic and I spritz his office and it changes the vibe in the room. My 4 year old granddaughter also says it "smells pretty" and I know she likes it too. Our family has had many emotional and physical challenges to manage and the oil and room spray have been a life saver for me. The packaging that the products arrived in was elegant, simple and a statement in itself of what this company stands for. This is a world class company and I will continue to support it for my wellbeing and that of my family."

 Cate N, Wadonga Australia


"The quality of the oils is evident and the blends are so beautifully balanced. I use the room spray daily in the office as the perfect ‘pick me up’ to get me focused for the day. The essential oil ‘Tranquillity’ is perfect for evoking a sense of calm when I return home in the evenings. The packaging is sustainable (so important!) yet sophisticated. This is the perfect gift for one’s self and the special people in our lives."

 Naomi G, Tanunda South Australia

“I am using oils and the room spray from Aromatherapy Dispensary and highly recommend them.

 The mist spray and oils assist me in relaxation in preparation for a wonderful night’s sleep. They are fantastic!

 Due diligence has uncovered a company who puts our wellbeing first along with the care of our planet with their production and packaging… No stone has been left unturned in being sincere in this venture.”

 Susie Y, Elwood Australia


“I had never used aromatherapy products until this year, and they’ve changed my life for the better. The quality of these oils is just mind blowing. I bought some custom-made Aromatherapy Dispensary products to assist with calming of anxiety, curing fatigue and helping reduce appetite and the application of the oils has almost immediately reduced these three problems. I also have just been tickled with delight when I’ve smelt any of the products - they’re full of beautiful fragrance. I will definitely be buying more from this business! If you love supporting small/local businesses, then definitely purchase from this one!”

 Sophie B, Melbourne Australia


“I had a huge problem with sleeping. Jill introduced me to one of her products which I was sceptical of at first. To my surprise it really worked. The Tranquillity blend was fantastic. I had a good 8 hours of sleep. A bloody miracle. Thank you.”

 Sperry G, Italy

"Great service, very affordable and most importantly, a great product!!"

 Cameron McC, Frankston Australia

  "Ordered online for a special gift, very quick delivery turnaround, beautifully boxed presentation.

Exceeded my expectations so will be ordering more product soon."

 Neil T, Castlemaine Australia

“I have to say that these are the BEST oils I’ve ever used!
I purchased all 3 blends as I couldn’t decide .. I was so stoked I went back and bought the room spray and some of the carrier oils too.
FYI Apricot Kernel and Jojoba are just divine, so moisturising.
All of it arrived in the most stunning boxes and wrapping, all reusable.
Aromatherapy Dispensary, Thank You!! 💫”

 Irene P, Lower Beechmont Australia


“I have tried the room spray and the sleep blend; both products were incredible and calming. Aromatherapy Dispensary were a pleasure to deal with and were able to help me select the right products based on what I needed. The products were also thoughtfully and beautifully packaged.”

 Raffaela L, Elwood Australia

"We're obsessed with the Room Mist in our household – such a beautiful, fresh fragrance!”

– Michaela M, Kyneton Australia

"Jill focussed on ‘getting it right'.
From the crafting of highly personalised scent & tailoring of therapeutic qualities of the oils through to the beautiful packaging - Jill ‘gets it ‘
I love these products."
– Heather R, Bendigo Australia

“I was prescribed a custom blend to combat night-time nasal congestion for my daughter. It arrived beautifully packaged and the quality was evident in how well it worked to relieve cold symptoms and restore calm to our nights!  These are pure, exquisite, luxury oils that are made with love and care. Highly recommend.” 
– D E, Elwood Australia

"I have the best night's sleep with Tranquillity. An instant calmer when I'm feeling stressed, too”

– Poppy, Kyneton Australia

"I have loved using the Mindfulness Aromatique Room Mist - it is such a wonderfully light and calming fragrance.

Thank-you Aromatherapy Dispensary for your beautiful product!"

– Gill, Mount Martha Australia

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