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Our story

Our story

Based beachside in Victoria Australia, but originating from the central Victorian countryside, our founder Jill Tait's love of essential oils and their therapeutic properties began decades ago.


When growing up, relief from a head cold meant being head-under-towel and inhaling steam rich with Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils. In 2020, finding herself unemployed and without an income when the pandemic hit, the founder began to wonder what she could do to earn a living and make people feel happier. Going back to her love of essential oils, she began studying full time during lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.

Now an aromatherapy practitioner, Jill understands the synergy benefits of blending essential oils and while not claiming to be a healer or medical professional, aims to capture that comfort and delight in the products being made.


Kindness all around

We source only premium organic + 100% pure oils chosen from reputable providers with a governing ethos of environmental and humanitarian awareness to match our own.


Particular attention is paid to the products that are delivered to you. We use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, plant-based pigments on our printing inks and source from suppliers that use clean, renewable energy. This means no fumes, less material waste and no unnecessary landfill, chemical or polymer waste. We use plant-based wax in our packaging, derived from plants and algae, with flavonoids and chlorophylls formulating their colour. Our natural rubber disposable gloves that we cover our hands in are responsibly and sustainably sourced to make your individual products.


Aromatherapy Dispensary Pty Ltd endeavours to leave the smallest carbon footprint we possibly can. We are working towards a better world and better way of living for you, everyone around you and for mother nature by being environmentally aware and acting with the best intentions. We are grateful for the opportunity to cultivate our own initiatives, to help others in their trades and to contribute something with kindness and optimism.

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