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Organic + 100% pure essential oil blend

Distilling the essence of life

Our pure, premium blends are created by hand, utilising our in-house aromatherapy practitioner’s specialist knowledge of botanicals, having selected 8+ exceptional essential oils for each blend.

Elegantly boxed and packaged with beautiful recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials (that you won't want to throw away!), we hope our blends delight as you unwrap and enjoy.

Ethereal Skincare
 Experience all-day moisture and nourishment with organic + pure essential oils Australian Sandalwood, Rose Damask Absolute and Kakadu Plum. Our emollient cream is not just a product; it's an experience.

Mobile Aromatherapy
 AromaClay™, our revolutionary new product crafted from fermented plant starch derived from sources such as corn or sugar cane; this innovative casing blends seamlessly with natural clay. Once dried, this portable AromaClay™ becomes a perfect canvas for your favorite essential oils. Simply drip the oils onto the clay, enabling easy transportation in your pocket, handbag, car, and more, allowing you to enjoy the inhalation of essential oils wherever you go.

Essential oil blends
Handcrafted essential oil blends. Organic + 100% pure.

Natural Porcelain Diffusers


The diffuser’s understated sculpturesque form adds another dimension to your decor as the benefits of olfactory aromatherapy are experienced when our essential oil blends are diffused.

Room mist


Aromatique notes float and whisper an instant calming ambience.

Carrier oils


Choose one or choose a selection to combine. Yin + Yang so to speak. Don’t mind if I do.


Never underestimate the power of a great carrier oil to use on its own or broaden the usage of your essential oils by diluting them to enable topical application. As the name suggests, they 'carry' by diluting the essential oils for your skin and provide wider coverage and deeper penetration into your body tissue. If essential oils are applied undiluted to the skin there could possibly be a reaction such as redness, extreme irritation, burning or other response. The quality of a pure carrier oil is equally as important as the quality of an essential oil. Aromatherapy Dispensary only provides pure quality. As with all our products, refrain from exposing to sunlight and store in cool, dark conditions.

Naked roller


Use to dilute our essential oil blends with our carrier oil/s for use on your body.

Aromatherapy Dispensary blends provide a sense of well-being to enhance your daily living. Luxurious, unique and made with you in mind, these premium organic + pure essential oil aromatique blends, room mists and carrier oils are thoughtfully designed to add comfort to your environment. Our intention is to improve your days and nights with use of our aromatherapy.

'Smell is the closest thing humans have to a time machine.' The novelist Caryl Rivers' quote reminds us nothing is more memorable than a scent. A scent that can take us on a journey to exotic places, or remind us of simple pleasures. Cut grass. Fresh coffee. Past loves. The drift of night air.

If you can’t smell it, did it even happen?

Our products are unique and carefully handmade, therefore there may be some variance in each blend or product produced. The exclusive nature of our products means each order is individually prepared. We love making our products by hand and our aim is to process, prepare and send your orders within seven working days.

Our beautiful organic wax seals are melted and stamped individually by us and are derived from plants and algae, with flavonoids and chlorophylls formulating their colour. Giving back to the earth for providing our incredible botanical oils, we hope you enjoy growing the thyme seed embedded card as a thank you from us for your purchase.