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The diffuser’s understated sculpturesque form adds another dimension to your decor as the benefits of olfactory aromatherapy are experienced when our essential oil blends are diffused. Ultrasonic vibrations safely produce a mist, diffusing essential oils with water.

The awareness and influence of smell can exist beyond our conscious level of comprehension, with pleasurable scents unlocking aroma memories, activating our emotions and releasing stress.


Place 3-5 drops of your Aromatherapy Dispensary blend into the water reservoir to experience its effectiveness.

Natural Porcelain Diffuser

GST Included
  • We aim to the best of our ability, to have your orders processed and sent out to you within seven working days and thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while we create your item/s. Your order will be carefully packaged into our special reusable boxes along with our gift to you. 
    Standard domestic or international delivery charges and timeframes apply.
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